Think less of food habit Step 3

You will never be free from food as long as you are focusing on food all the time.

Instead, you need to focus on something else.

Step 3: Distraction

If you have something you love to do more than eating, it is easy to do that.

However, many people tell me they have nothing they love to do. In fact, I didn’t know what I loved more than food.

So, I started to organize the places I lived in and worked at. Gradually, I found what I truly liked or what I disliked. Plus, the places were becoming cleaner, and I felt great.

We can’t think of 2 different things at the same time.

For example, when I think about my garden, I cannot think of today’s dinner.

You can have the experiment on yourself. You know the picture below which can be seen as a rabbit and a duck. When you see the rabbit in that picture, you can’t see the duck and vice versa.

duck – rabbit drawing

I know my drawing is terrible.

What I am trying to say is when you are thinking about art, you can’t think about food.
When you are thinking about jogging, you can’t think about food.
When I am thinking about organizing things, I can’t think about food at all.

Thanks for reading.

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