What I drink

I drink not only water but also drink

herbal tea, green tea, English tea with no sugar nor milk and black coffee.

Yes. I said coffee. Coffee is said not good for our health. But when I have cravings and it is difficult to control, I drink coffee. I do not drink coffee all day long. I only drink it when water or herbal tea do not work to eliminate cravings.

But you need to do experiment on yourself. If it makes you overeat or feel sick, don’t drink coffee. You know about your body more than I do or anyone else in the world.

I used to drink Coke. I loved Coke. Especially, when I was in the US. Coke was much more cheaper than that price in Japan. I always kept Coke in the fridge. I was happy I could drink 3 cans of Coke every day without my mom saying “don’t drink it.”

But it has so much sugar in it. That is why my mon was against it. However, I didn’t really care about sugar until recently. I only thought if I drink Coke, I should take less calorie food. So, I drank Diet Coke.

Recently, I learned from Susan Pierce Thompson PHD, that zero calorie sugar makes us overeat. It could be more dangerous than normal sugar. Our body is waiting for the calorie to come with the sweet taste, but it doesn’t. So, our brain sends us the signal that we are hungry.

Yes. I remember I always overate after taking Diet Coke or even sugarless gum.

Now, I don’t drink any sweet water. Now I think sweet water in a plastic bottle is dangerous. It makes us overeat.

However, don’t panic. There are many choices. There are more eco-friendly ways to enjoy drinks.

I mostly enjoy herbal tea. You can find your favorite drink too.

I actually feel great when I am hungry and not thirsty. My body is light, and my brain is totally awake. I can feel myself active because of this light but hydrated body.

I do more things than before. I am never sleepy when my stomach is light. In fact, I was usually sleepy after I had a big meal.

At the beginning, I felt strange not to snack and just drink water. I constantly missed snacking and empty calories, but water, herbal tea and other drinks on my list helped me.

One week later, I got used to it.
One month later, I started not to find empty calories attractive anymore.
Three months later, I realized that I thought much less of food between meals.

Now I am not jealous if someone is eating empty calories even when I am hungry.

Because I enjoy water and any other drinks more than ever.

Thank you for reading.

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