Think less of food habit Step 2

Step 2: Drink more water.

This is my second trick to think less of food.

Now, I drink water when I am hungry, when I want to eat more, when I want to snack, when I am meeting with friends and when someone is snacking.

I have more chances to drink water. It became easy to drink enough water every day.

There are 3 reasons why I think drinking water is good for the weight loss.

  1. You can forget about food.

Now I know hungry feelings come and go.

I used to be worried about hungry feelings too much. Even when I was not hungry, I ate a lot. I wanted to avoid the uncomfortable hunger which would come later.

I do not snack now and sometimes become hungry a few hours before lunch or dinner. I know the hunger doesn’t last for long. When I feel hungry, I drink water and then the uncomfortable feelings usually go away in 10-15 minutes.

2. Drinking water can help me burn calories and fat.

Without water, the body cannot metabolize fat and carbohydrates well. It also helps to remove waste from the body.

Especially, when I started this lifestyle, the stored fat is used as energy. There were stored toxins in fat cells, too. The toxins were released in the blood stream. I was tired and sick for the toxins. Drinking water helped me so much to get rid of toxins.

I actually took lots of water after taking corona vaccine. I guess it helped me. I had a little fever, but it was not as serious as other people were saying.

3 . Water hydrates your body.

Many grown-ups are so used to being thirsty. The older we become, the less water we think we need. You shouldn’t drink water after you feel thirsty. The thirsty feelings are usually too late. Try to drink water more often if you want to stay young.

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