Organize things

Organizing things is a great distraction from thinking about food. You might not agree on this. That is OK. I didn’t agree on this idea, either. I was such a messy person.

I used to eat constantly. My stomach was always full. I was tired and I was lazy.

On my holidays, I spent most of my time watching movies or YouTube. While I was doing that, I was eating something. I was eating potato chips, chocolate, and ice-cream. Snacking and being lazy were always a set menu. I didn’t do anything special.

When I started to eat only 3 meals with nothing between, I suddenly had more free time.

I lost the interest of being lazy. I had nothing to do. I couldn’t travel and rarely went out because of COVID-19 pandemic. Then I realized my house was not clean at all.

There is my bible. This is Japanese.

This has been my bible for more than 10 years. I learned so many things from this book.

I thought my place was not messy, because I cleaned and threw many things away. But that was about 10 years ago. At that time, I was a super messy person. I always lost things and spent lots of money on unnecessary things. I wasn’t very happy to stay home, so I often went out with friends. These were all because I had too many things in my house.

After I read this book, many things changed.

I rarely lost things and I could save money. I was happy to stay home.

I never thought about feng shui. I didn’t believe that, but now I do. I had positive vibes from my house. I could think more optimistically, and things usually went well.

However, I was going back to that messy person once again. I thought it was a great opportunity to organize my house one more time.

I put all the food in the fridge, in the cupboard and on the shelf. I don’t put any food where I can see.

I also organized the closet, kitchen, living room and garden. I became obsessed with organizing things.

When I wake up, I think about the living room.
After breakfast, I think about my closet.
While driving, I think about the garden.
Between lunch and dinner, I think about organizing the office.
Right before going to bed, I think about decorating the walls.

I feel great. I am a little crazy or obsessed, but now I can think much less of food.

Thank you for reading.

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