Organizing the closet

Happy Halloween

You might not know where to start when you organize things. There was a perfect place I enjoyed organizing at the beginning.

My closet!

Marie Kondo, a famous organizing adviser, says you can start from your closet when you start organizing things.

Clothes are not just the things to keep you warm or safe, but also reflect your image. If you are always wearing dirty loose clothes, people (including yourself) think you are lazy and not attractive.

If you are wearing clean and stylish clothes, people and you think you are neat and attractive.

I used to wear the clothes I don’t really liked. I was taught special clothes are only for special occasions.

But I got rid of all the clothes which did not match to my ideal image. Only 4 sets of work outfits were left. In fact, I didn’t need more than 4 jackets for one season.

Most people have too many clothes they haven’t worn for more than 1 year. Some expert said about 80 % of women’s clothes are like that. Wearing the same clothes I love more than 20 times a season is better than always wearing different clothes I didn’t really like.

My favorite clothes can make me feel special. They make me act attractively. They make me think optimistically.

So, go and look at your closet. Organize it. After that, you can organize your home, garden, office and so on.

Then you will think less of food and at the same time, you will feel great. Organizing things can clear your thoughts.

If you are interested in Marie Kondo, here is her most famous book. Sorry. This is Japanese again.

Thank you for reading.

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