susceptibility scale

I always had difficulty controlling my food.

I have never been obese nor had a health problem. As I always write, I admire Susan Peirce Thompson, the author of Bright Line Eating. Her book influences me a lot. According to Susan Peirce Thompsons’s susceptibility scale, my brain is very susceptible to food. The scale tells you how crazy you become over food.

You can test it. Click below, but please come back to me…

How was your score?

I am 10 out of 10.

Now I understand why I was always thinking about food and my weight. I constantly went on a diet. I preferred high calorie food than healthy ones. I also kept putting food into my mouth all day. I acted crazy over food. I think I was a food addict.

If your score is 8, 9 or 10, I think it is pretty difficult for you to control your food. I am one of them. I think you need clear rules for food. I know once I break the rules, it is hard for me to come back. Cheat days never work for me. It is my first time to succeed in a diet. Trust me. If you are in this range, follow some rules 100 %.

If it is 4 to 7, you may have some problems, but it isn’t that serious. Even if you break rules, coming back to the healthy lifestyle might not be that hard. But stay on rules. Rules help control the fun. (This is what Monica from Friends said.)

If it is 1 to 3, you are lucky. You are not really interested in food. All you need is just the guidelines for what and how you should eat. Almost all diet plans might work for you.

I think lots of people who wrote diet books are in this range. That is why losing weight was not hard for them, but when I did the same, it didn’t work for me. The authors are not as susceptible as Susan Peirce Thompson or me.

In fact, everybody needs some rules, because there are so many unhealthy foods around us all the time. Without any rules, we tend to eat lots of unhealthy food and become fat.

“3 delicious meals” and “think less of food” habits are amazingly effective for me, but they were not enough for me to be satisfied with my body.

I will tell you about it. Thank you for reading.

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