Weight loss plateau

I realized that I couldn ‘t control my portion of food. I always ate a big portion.

Susan Peirce Thompson suggests that we need to measure our food, since most grownups lost the ability to eat the right amount.

This is Susan Peirce Thompson’s Bright line eating. This book changed my body!

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This is the Japanese translation.

According to Susan Peirce Thompson and many other experts, small children can control their portion instinctively.

They sometimes eat a lot. But they stop eating when they don’t need any more energies.

I remember that my son sometimes ate one bite of lettuce for dinner after big lunch. Many grownups, especially over-weight people, don’t have that ability. We eat even when we are not hungry, even when we are full, even when we are not supposed to eat any more.

Susan said we have phycological freedom when we measure our food. We don’t have to wonder if we eat too much or too little. We can always eat the right amount, if you measure your food with scales.

But my diet philosophy is not to go too far from others. Measuring food sounds too far. Then, what should I do?

From April 2021, I focused on the 2 new habits I already told you. I lost 4 kgs in the first 7 weeks. I was excited and motivated, but my weight hit the plateau. For 3 months, I was hoping I would start to lose weight again, but the number didn’t change. I still wanted to lose 5kgs.

The goal weight was the lightest weight I had ever had. It was the same weight as my best friend’s. I looked good in every clothes, I thought.

But when my weight was my ideal, I was not very healthy. I drank lots of alcohol and barely ate food. I was always hungry or just felt too sick to eat. I haven’t reached to that number for many years.

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