Sugary dessert

I loved (still love) sugary dessert. I ate it every day and never felt full or satisfied. I was crazy over sugary dessert so I recently stopped eating it.

According to Susan Pierce Thompson, sugar blocks us to feel full, and that is why we cannot stop eating even after we eat enough food. I used to have sugary dessert at the end of meal. After that, I had a bag of potato chips or cookies. Even though my stomach was full, I could not stop eating. I ate until my stomach felt uncomfortable, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was eating like a food addict. I think I was a real food addict.

Here is the book I am talking about.

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Sugar makes me overeat.

After I stopped taking sugar, I gradually started to eat less and don’t become hungry between meals. I never imagined this would happen to me. I thought I was a big eater. That was not true. Sugar made me eat a big portion of food. I don’t eat sugary dessert anymore.

Do I miss it? No! It took me 3 months to feel this way.

I read many diet books. Most of them said we could have a little sugary treat to release stress. They also suggested that we could even have a cheat day. It didn’t work for me, and I believe that is the reason so many people fail on a diet. Those authors are not addicted to food as much as I was or Susan Pierce Thompson.

Nobody was born to eat more than they should.

Nobody was supposed to become obese or sick.

Many of us are just powerless over sugar.

Recently many people are realizing it is dangerous and makes us fat, sick, and miserable. Susan Peirce Thompson said sugar is more addictive than drugs. Most countries ban drugs. They should ban sugar, too.

I actually eat a small amount of sugar in a dressing or in some food at a restaurant. I only avoid the food which is obviously sweet. I don’t go too far from others. (Read “My philosophy” click here)

I don’t want to give a negative impression about my diet to other people. I would love to guide easy way to live happy, thin and free. So far, the small amount of sugar is not a problem for me. However, you will never know until you have experiments on yourself.

Be a scientist on your body and find out the amount you can stay calm.

You should do that with flour, too.

Flour is also addictive. I don’t act crazy about bread, noodles, or pizza. I can always stop eating when I am full. But I was crazy about sugary dessert. Once I ate ice-cream, I always wanted more. Remember the food you can’t stop eating is a drug for you.

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