My diet philosophy

Before telling you about the details of my new habits, which gave me the body I wanted, I will tell you my philosophy about food.

My new habits are based on Susan Peirce Thompson’s Bright Line Eating. She is a famous brain and cognitive scientist, and herself became from obese to a thin person. She is helping thousands of people lose weight and keep it off.

I think her method is the most successful weight loss program in the world.

There are many weight-loss programs, and most of them are fine, but people fail. Why?

Because they focus on what to eat or how to exercise. If you can easily follow their advice, you are already thin. Many people already know what food is healthy and how to exercise. But we simply can’t do it. On the other hand, Susan shows how we behave over food. She also uses science to explain it. I have never read such a book before.

Here is the book I am talking about.

If you are interested, click the book above. You can buy it on Amazon.



Susan suggests 4 rules.

Don’t eat sugar.

Don’t eat flour.

Don’t snack.

Measure your food.

This sounds crazy and extremely difficult, but everything made sense to me. I understood why we fail on a diet and why we rebound.

However, I don’t do exactly what she suggests. (Sorry, Susan.) This is because I have my own philosophy about food.

“Don’t go too far from others.”

I once made other people uncomfortable when I became a vegan in 2003.

I was so excited and told many people how good vegan diet is. However, in Japan, there were only few vegans and vegetarians. (Almost all the people still believe eating animal products is necessary.) Nobody wanted to do the same thing as I did. I wanted to inspire others to eat plant-based diet, but I just gave them the opposite impression. They thought vegans were crazy and had to do something extremely different from others. I realized that if someone goes too far from what others are doing, people feel uncomfortable. They just can’t accept it. Especially in Japan…

That is the reason I will try not to go too far from others and create the way many people are willing to do. That is the reason I am a vegetarian, not vegan.

I strongly believe our modern diet is bad for our health and making people miserable. Many people already know that. It is destroying our planet, too.

However, I think the impact of 100 people doing a little bit of vegetarian is better than only one person perfectly doing plant-based vegan.

So, this time I decided to find the way to do BLE (Bright Line Eating) without others wouldn’t think it is too far from “normal.” Even if you are not Japanese, you might want to try BLE or other types of extreme diet like vegan or raw vegan.

I adjusted BLE rules to my own way. It is not extreme nor too different from others. Most people actually don’t realize I am on a special diet.

Thank you for reading so far. I will talk about more about my diet. Please keep reading.

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