My weight loss began.

I always thought something was wrong in this world.

So many people want to be thin.

So many people are on a diet.

So many people think being thin is a key to their dream life, but they can’t reach to their goal.

They sometimes lose weight, but 99 % of them rebound after going back to their normal lifestyle.

Then they try to change their lifestyle, but unconsciously, they always go back to the original lifestyle.

More than 99 % of the people can’t succeed to be thin.

Are they motivated enough? I think so.

Then, why do they fail? So many people continuously try to lose wight.

So many people spend a lot of money to lose weight.

Are there any solutions?

This is a mystery.

I was always thinking like this.

Finally, I had the answer of this mystery.

I finally found the key to solve this mysterious puzzle.

That’s why I started to write again.

My new habits made my life a lot easier, and they might help you as well.

It is my first time to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

What I did and am still doing has 3 rules.

Rule #1: 3 delicious meals

Rule #2: Think less of food

Rule #3: Be free from insatiable feelings

Insatiable is a difficult word. It is the feeling you can never be satisfied. I actually didn’t know the word until recently.

These 3 habits became my new habits.

We are creatures of habits, so I’ll tell you the details of my habits.

Thank you for reading. Please come back again soon.

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