I strongly believe meat is unhealthy. So I don’t eat it.

Many people think we need to avoid carbohydrate and eat meat for increasing muscles to burn calories.

But when you eat meat, you tend to have more calories than your body needs since meat has lots of calories. If you don’t use all the calories, it is stored in your body. It is also more difficult to eliminate than carbohydrate. It sticks on blood vessels, too.

Think about dirty plates. One was used for meat, and the other was for rice. The meat plate is harder to clean. You need to use dish soap and water, but you can clean the rice plate with only water.

Meat has fat and cholesterol. It has no fiber. It takes more time and energy to digest. I remember I always became tired or sick after eating it. (I was a meat eater until I was around 25.)

Moreover, you will have more risk developing health problems, for example cancer or heart attack. Meat eaters have more skin problems and body odor than vegetarians or vegans. I think my poo doesn’t smell terrible, but sometimes when I use a public bathroom, I am surprised how smelly meat eaters’ poo is.

Since I decided not to go too far, I am not a vegan, though I don’t eat animal products so often. All animal products have no fiber.

Animal agriculture is the number one contributor to the global warming. Plus, animals are all suffering. Since animal products are bad for the earth and creating animals’ painful situation, how could they be good for our body? I don’t believe they make me pretty.

Animals are locked in a small space and barely move. They are terrified to be killed, but they don’t have a voice. Whole their lives are painful and fearful. Many people try not to think they have feelings just like us, but cows cry before they are killed. Pigs and chickens scream. Even if you eat them, don’t forget this truth.

Many people go on no carb diet and eat lots of animal proteins to lose weight. But I have heard that they reported after a few weeks, they became tired and had no energy. They also smelled bad.

Plant based diet is much easier and good for the earth and animals.

Shopping is voting. I don’t vote for meat industries. I am happy to vote for plant-based food ones. Many people around my age have some health problems, but I don’t have any. I am glad that I have been eating this way for more than 20 years.

It is never too late. Quitting meat is not very hard since there are lots of delicious soy products. Vote for them.
There are lots of meat replacements in the market at the moment. Soy meat tastes good. It has protein with fiber and no cholesterol. Why don’t you try vegetarian diet for a week or so? You will also feel wonderful. If it’s hard to quit it completely, you can even start from Vegetarian Mondays.

Thanks for reading.

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