3 delicious meals

Now I will tell you what I eat and how I eat.

According to Susan Peirce Thompson, sugar and flour are very addictive like drugs.

They make you overeat and make you fat. So, we should stop eating sugar and flour completely.

Quitting those addictive food is just like quitting smoking. Without them, many of us don’t feel good at the beginning. But you will be OK.

However quitting sugar and flour completely is extreme. Most people can’t do that.

So, I focus on DHA food.

??? What is DHA food? This DHA is not about amino-3 fatty acid.

Delicious, Healthy and Addiction-free. I examined myself and created DHA categories.

Now I will tell you my DHA meals.

First, I categorized food into 5 classes.

1st class: very delicious, healthy, and addiction-free

Fruits, raw vegetables

2nd class: delicious, healthy, and addiction-free

Whole grains, cooked vegetables, tofu, avocado, seaweed and so on …

3rd class: acceptable

White rice, soy meat, soy cheese, dried fruits and so on …

4th class: unhealthy or addictive

Eggs, dairy, sea animals, coffee, alcohol, flour-based products (bread, pasta noodles) and so on …

5th: very unhealthy or very addictive

Sugary dessert, meat, big fish

Addictive food is different from each person. Some people are addicted to bread or pizza and others are donuts or cookies. Also, I believe animal products are unhealthy, but some people think they are acceptable or necessary. You can categorize your own food.

Then, I made basic plans for daily lives.

I designed it to take about 50% 1st class food, 30% 2nd,15% 3rd, 5% 4th and 0% 5th.

Breakfast: Smoothie bowl (25%1st, 5% 2nd)

Lunch: Modern DHA (5% 1st, 15% 2nd, 15% 3rd, 5% 4th)

Dinner: fruit or salad bowl (20% 1st, 10% 2nd)

For many Western people, flour is very addictive, but it isn’t for me and many of my Japanese friends.

I think this is because we didn’t eat them a lot when we were children. I don’t have a lot of sweet memories for bread or pizza.

My great grandmother didn’t even feel pizza was real food. She also said she didn’t like cake or chocolate either, because she never had them in her childhood.

For the similar reason, I don’t have strong cravings for flour-based food. However, if I become crazy, I will put that food into a different category.

My lunch is most fancy one because my coworkers and I eat out often. I work until late at night, so my dinner is simple.

This meal plan is just a basic. I sometimes eat big dinner. I sometimes eat no breakfast. I sometimes eat big lunch and big dinner. But I stick to the basics because of my other rules.

I will talk about more about my new habits. Thanks for reading.

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