Think less of food habit Step 1

I only eat 3 meals a day. I don’t eat anything between meals.

In this way, I can think less of food.

It is my 2nd habit. There are 3 steps to make it easy. This time, I will tell you the first step to think less of food.

First, let’s think about why people fail on a diet. According to Susan Peirce Thompson PHD, most of us can only use our willpower for 15 minutes. The amount of willpower is not much different from each person. It is limited. We can’t keep resisting temptations all day long.

If you fail to keep your commitment, it is not your fault. It is just a brain function. It is normal. You don’t have to think you are weak willed.

I failed on a diet so many times, because there was always the time I didn’t have any willpower left.

Before April 2021,
my typical day started with plans. I tried to eat healthily, but I always chose unhealthy, high calorie food at the end of the day.

I thought I had less willpower than other people do. I just didn’t know the fact that people cannot make the right decision when they are tired or hungry. That is why …

Step 1 : I plan a head!

Before going to bed, I plan to eat.

I write 3 meals I’m going to eat on a notebook. Then, I can automatically follow what I plan. My action shouldn’t depend on my willpower. It depends on what I plan.

Of course, it was not easy and strange at the beginning. It took me 3 weeks to get used to it. I still miss snacking sometimes, but I am getting used to no snacking now. I think less and less of food and snacking. I just eat what I plan. I don’t have to think nor use any of my willpower to do it.

I always know what to eat next.

Even if a bag of potato chips (which was my favorite snack) is in front of me before dinner, I know it is not what I eat.

I do not have to choose.

I just eat the food I plan to eat. I don’t eat the food I don’t plan to eat.

I eat 3 healthy meals automatically and think less of food.

Thank you for reading.

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