Free world vs. Insatiable world

There is another example to be happy without competing.

I used to like to get things with a discount price.

If the thing I bought became 50% off on the other day, I was disappointed.

However, now I think the seller can be happy when they sell things with the original price.
If I buy a thing with the original price, I make the seller happy. And I am happy for the seller, too. Then the seller also wants to make someone else happy. The happiness circulates.

Even if I find the item with lower price, I don’t become disappointed. I am rather happy because now I believe I can make someone else happy.

When I only think about myself, happiness doesn’t circulate and I ten to create insatiable feelings. The insatiable feelings make me overeat and sick. And I might get angry easily or do something mean to someone else. The bad feelings circulate in Insatiable world.

If you truly want to be happy, think about other people, and that makes you free from that Insatiable world.

Thank you for reading.

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