ESL material “time”

This is for learning ESL. Our topic today is “time”

Learn the words on the first page, then practice using them the questions on the second

Materials for ESL are here

  1. What’s the time now?
  2. If the minute hand and the hour hand are both pointing to 1. What’s the time?
  3. What do you do in your free time?
  4. Do you sometimes waste time? How?
  5. When do you like to arrive: early, late or on time?
  6. When does time pass slowly? When does it pass quickly?
  7. What subject at school is a waste of time?
  8. Do you prefer to spend time alone or with people?
  9. How much spare time do you have every day?
  10. Do you want more time or more money? How about your grandparents?