ESL material “pet peeves”

This is for learning ESL.

Our topic today is “pet peeves”

Learn the words on the first page, then practice using them the questions on the second.

Materials for ESL are here

  • Can you define “pet peeve”?
  • What annoys you in daily life?
  • Are all of your teachers polite? Or are some of them impolite? Tell me more. 4. Please tell me about Japanese table manners. 5. When it comes to having good or bad manners, do you think children take after
    their parents?
  • Do you behave differently in public than you do at home?
  • Do you know any obnoxious people? How about courteous people? Tell me about
    them. 8. What guidance would you give a parent with an impolite child?
  • Does bad language or a rude gesture offend you more?
  • How important are good manners in society? Tell me more