Be free from insatiable feelings #2- 1

Buddha’s famous quote

Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts.

I realized I was chasing what I didn’t have. What is wrong with me? What is wrong with us? I just wanted to be happy, but I felt like I was manipulated to chase the things I didn’t have.

Many women chase more beautiful appearance. We even compete with thinner people, models, or the number of our weights.

When we lose this competition, we are sad, disappointed, angry, nervous, and depressed.

I felt like that in most of my adult life. Even when I won, I was worried that the victory might be soon taken away or I found something else to compete again.

There is no time to feel true happiness.

Don’t compete.

My friends were thinner than me. I was always competing with them. I was competing with the number of their weights.

Even when I reached to that goal weight, I tried to compete with the smaller number. I was never satisfied and always challenging. It was never fun. So I stopped competing. Well, I still compete, but try not to.

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