Be free from insatiable feelings #1

My typical mealtime in the last few months was like this.

I put salad, cooked tofu and vegetables, and rice on the table. I felt this meal was very healthy and I ate them. After that, I was still a little hungry, so went to the fridge and found a veggie burger. Then I cooked it and ate it with more rice. Then I had a big bowl of frozen fruits for dessert.

My meals were kind of healthy but I took too many calories. I always ate a big portion. That’s why Susan Peirce Thompson suggests that we should measure our food.

Susan Peirce Thompson suggests that we need to measure our food, since most grownups lost the ability to eat the right amount.

As I always mentioned, this is Susan Peirce Thompson’s Bright line eating. This book changed my body…

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This is the Japanese translation.

However, I don’t measure my food because that sounds too extreme.

So this is the last rule of my diet.

No second thoughts

Now my typical mealtime is like this.

I put salad, cooked tofu and vegetables, and rice on the table. I eat them. Even if I am a little hungry, second thoughts are not allowed. So my mealtime is over.

I sometimes want to eat more, but I know it is not what I should do. I always tell myself
“I am done. It was delicious. I am free and satisfied.”

You can actually get used to it, just like the other rules.
Try it to do it for only 3 days. Then another week. Then another month. Within 100 days, people get used to it.

Monks are trained to eat little and do many strict things for 100 days. That training is very hard at first, but then it becomes bearable. At the end, it becomes easy.

This rule “No second thought” is much easier than monks’ training.

Thank you for reading.

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