Only for now

I will tell you a story.

One day in 2020, I decided to go on a raw vegan diet.
I went shopping and bought lots of fruits and vegetables.
I did it for 3 days. I lost 2 kgs.

Then suddenly I remembered that I had plans to meet my friends in 2 weeks.
I was wondering what I should eat on that day.
I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable.
I became nervous.
I also thought about my past failures.
I was wondering I might have a weight plateau soon or I would never go through it just like in the past.
Then on the 4th day of my raw vegan diet, I gave up.
I ate lots of unhealthy food and gained all weight back.
Plus, more.

Many people go on a diet, but they fail when they think about the future or the past. So…

Be present.

I was always focusing on my future, which was not happening, or in the past, which I could never change.
People tend to live in the past or in the future all the time.
It means that we constantly regret or worry.
Our minds are too busy focusing on those times.
We are hardly in the present.
We rarely enjoy living in the present.

Just try my diet.
Only for now.
How about 3 months?
3 weeks?
Or 3 days?

Stop worrying that you have a party in 2 weeks.
You might have never succeeded any diet in the past.
Don’t wonder whether you can do it or not.
When the day of the party comes, you can plan ahead and decide what and how to eat.
Even if you overeat, don’t keep doing it.
Just come back to this lifestyle as soon as possible.

“Only for now.”
This line is very comforting.
I always feel I should do it only for now and don’t have to think about so many things in the future or in the past.

You don’t have to try to be the best.
Just enjoy your present.
You can enjoy your life more when you focus on what you are doing.
It is not fun at all if you do things when you are thinking about something else.

“Things change. Nothing can stay the same forever.”

When you decide you just do it only for now, you can focus on the present.

Trust me.

You don’t have to worry or regret.

Thank you for reading.