Buddha’s famous quote

Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.

There is so much negative influence in my daily life. I easily compete. I easily think only about myself. And I easily forget to appreciate what I already have.

So, I need to guard myself with meditation.

Many people say that meditation is a great tool to focus on yourself.
I agree.
I meditate for 15 minutes every day. I have been focusing on my life a lot more since I started it in July 2021.

The goal of meditation is said the state of no thoughts.
I have never reached to that state yet.
In fact, I am not trying to get there.
I only meditate to appreciate what I already have.

People want what they don’t have.
For example, homeless people want a house.
People with a house want a lot of money.
People with a lot of money want more money.
It goes on and on…

People tend to focus on what other people have and don’t appreciate what they already have.

I had already lost 4 kgs, but I didn’t appreciate it.
I took it for granted. I wanted to lose more weight.
But I appreciated my new body. Then I started to love my body more than ever.
More than when I was a teenager.
More than when my weight was the lightest.
Now I can wear the smaller size jeans.
I don’t have to hide my ugly fat.

I enjoy fashion much more and look much better.
In fact, I am still losing weight.
During meditation, I appreciate it and remind myself of the happiness I already have.

Thank you for reading.

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