Meditation #2

I also appreciate the people who just pop up in my mind.
It is easy to appreciate someone I love, but I also appreciate the people I don’t love at all.

One day, I thought about a woman who hurts other people’s feelings all the time. I said to myself

“She definitely has some issues. However, I appreciate her.
In fact, I am learning things from her and even though she says what she wants to say, she is just wishing someone says nice things about her. I will help her if I have a chance. Thank you.”

She sent me a message a few days later and said as annoying things as usual.

But I was calm, not angry.
I said all the things she probably wanted to hear.

Then, she said something nice about me.
It was like a miracle.
I felt great.

I used to spend so much time thinking about how annoying she was.
I felt angry, distracted, and disappointed.
Then, I had to eat sugary dessert to comfort myself and forget about what she said.
I gained nothing but extra weight.

On the other hand, she said what she wanted to say and felt great.
I didn’t know how to handle it.

She might be the person who always enjoys making people miserable, but nobody can change that.

The only person I can change is myself.

When I am grateful, I can even use her negative energy into something great.
To write about this is one of them.
When I feel great, I think about my bright future, not food. And I am free from insatiableness.

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