ESL material “Christmas”

This is for learning ESL. Our topic today is “Christmas”

Learn the words on the first page, then practice useing them the questions on the second page.

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  • In Japan, who is Christmas most relevant for?

  • How far in advance do you do your Christmas shopping?
  • How do you feel about the tradition of sending Christmas cards?

  • Are there any films that are always broadcast during the Christmas season?
  • If Christmas was abolished, how would you feel?

  • Does Christmas always fulfil your expectations?

  • According to Japanese culture, how does Santa deliver presents?

  • When should presents be opened?

  • How should presents be opened?

  • Some people think Christmas has become too commercial. Thus, instead of buying presents, they donate money to charities and send the donation certificate to people. How would you feel if you received this for Christmas?

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