Be free from insatiable feelings #3

We are just so used to competing all the time.

Children are competing with toys.
Students are competing with grades.
Grownups are competing with the social status, salary, and beauty.

Most of us believe that we can’t get true happiness without competing… Well, that is just what we are made to believe.

Competition can never lead us to be happy and free. In fact, we are a lot happier to chase our dreams without competing.

I was searching for the answer. I am not religious.
(It is said that Japanese main religion is Buddhism, but most people don’t know anything about it.)

I read some books and websites about happiness and Buddhism. Then I found this line.

Do the service!

We can be happier when we are doing things for someone else.

I read this experiment. There were 2 groups of people. All the participants got $20.
One group of people had to spend the money for themselves.
The other group had to spend it for someone else or donate it for a charity.

At the end of the experiment, they reported how happy they were. The people who spent the money on someone else had higher rate of happiness.

That means that we have more happiness when we do things for someone else.

Think about goals or dreams for someone else. When you only think about yourself, you tend to compete with someone and have less happiness. When you think about someone else’s happiness, you don’t compete and feel more satisfied and have a joy.

Thank you for reading.

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