Recently, I haven’t focused on my rules.

Then, my weight went up.

I had bread after lunch.
I had fruits after dinner.
I kept eating for one hour.

I was back to my old habit.
I didn’t even notice that.

I remember I had one small exception a few weeks ago,
but my weight was the same.

Then, my tricky brain said to me
“You can eat more.”

I listened to that voice.

It has been 8 months since I stared this lifestyle,
but everything is not automatic yet.

It is easy to go back to my old routine.

Once again, I need to focus my rules.

These are my bright line Rules

Rule #1: 3 delicious meals Click here>>

Breakfast: smoothie bowl

Lunch: my DHA food

Dinner: Fruits or salad

Rule #2: Think less of food

 Plan Click here>>

 Water Click here>>

 Distraction Click here>>

Rule #3: Free from insatiable feelings

 No 2nd thoughts Click here>>

 Don’t complete Click here>>

 Meditation Click here>>

Thank you for reading.

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